K-Nearest Neighbor Graph Testing Library
C++ Python library that is able to import exisiting NN-structures; Implements Property Testing Algorithm that rejects with high probability if queries to given structure are epsilon-far from giving a K-Nearest Neighbor Graph
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CKNN_Graph< T >
 CKNN_Graph_Exact< T >
 CKNN_Tester< V >
 CKNN_Improver< V >
 CKNN_Tester_Oracle< V >
 CQuery_Oracle< T >
 CQuery_Oracle< V >
 CUniform_Random_Generator< T >
 CUniform_Random_Tuple_Generator< T >
 CKNN_Graph< T >::Adjacency_List
 CRelation< T >
 CTuple< T >