K-Nearest Neighbor Graph Testing Library
C++ Python library that is able to import exisiting NN-structures; Implements Property Testing Algorithm that rejects with high probability if queries to given structure are epsilon-far from giving a K-Nearest Neighbor Graph
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Tuple< T > Class Template Reference
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Public Types

typedef T value_type
typedef std::vector< value_type > tuple_type

Public Member Functions

 Tuple (const index_type d)
 Tuple (const T &in, const index_type d)
 Tuple (const tuple_type &in, const index_type d)
 Tuple (const np::ndarray &in)
auto get (const index_type i) const
auto dimension () const
auto operator- (const Tuple< T > &o) const
auto operator* (const Tuple< T > &o) const
auto operator== (const Tuple< T > &o) const
bool operator< (const Tuple< T > &o) const
auto as_str () const
auto repr () const
auto as_ndarray () const
auto pbegin () const
auto pend () const

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